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Our Mission
Our goal is to ensure our patients’ complete comfort and satisfaction. We focus our efforts on education and prevention of oral disease. We strive to earn your trust by providing high quality, compassionate, and gentle care - we want to be your dentist for life!
Our Pledge
We are fully committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of dentistry. Through personal service and the use of only the best materials and modern technology, we promise to set the standard for excellence in patient care.
Our Office
Hillcrest Dental Office
The Team

We are proud to be a part of this highly educated, enthusiastic, and greatly trained team. This is why we love working at Hillcrest Dental.

“Not only is the staff amazing, but our patients are awesome”
– Angie, Dental Assistant

"It's an amazing feeling to work with such caring and thoughtful co workers who always have our patients best interest at heart. Having this as our main goal makes it easy to deliver stellar quality dentistry as we embrace each patient in to our family."
– Kelly, Dental Hygienist

"I love working for Hillcrest Dental because I get to work alongside some of the most talented staff and doctors who everyday push me to learn something new which allows be to better serve the patients of Hillcrest Dental"
– Ali, Patient Care coordinator

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Modern Technology

Digital x-rays
Our digital x-ray system gives you an instant image and reduces radiation by up to 90%! This decreases your overall exposure to radiation and the length of your treatment time.

“Outside the mouth” x-rays for the kids
Kids love us! No more bulky sensors having to be placed inside their little mouth – we are able to take digital x-rays from the outside, eliminating any discomfort, making their visits with us as pleasant as possible.

Intra-oral camera
We are able to capture pictures of the smallest areas of your mouth and project the image onto a computer screen. This allows us to closely inspect old fillings, gum disease, areas of decay. In addition, this allows you the opportunity to be more involved in your care by visualizing the areas that need treatment.

Soft tissue laser
Our laser helps us to comfortably and reliably re-contour gum tissue, to perform frenum resections, removal of fibromas, and treatment of canker sores making them less painful and helping them heal quicker. We also use the laser in periodontal therapy to remove inflamed tissues and to trim away diseased gum tissue, improving healing and reducing post-operative discomfort.

Your health and safety are our number one priority! We utilize one of the most advanced sterilization systems available today. Whenever possible, we use disposable instruments.

Commitment to the Environment

Our digital x-rays mean 90 percent less radiation, but it also means that we no longer have to use the caustic fixer and developer – no more toxic chemicals!

We are on our way to becoming completely paperless – with online forms and digital patient records – less paper means less waste, and more trees!

We always follow established environmental guidelines to ensure proper waste disposal to prevent pollution of land and air.

We are a mercury-free office – our patients love the all-white fillings!

What our patients are saying…
Hillcrest Patient
"There are no words for how amazing the service is at Hillcrest Dental… the team is amazing and very friendly."
Hillcrest Patient
"I am without words to express how very pleased and at peace I am that I have found the dentist of my dreams to care for my dental health.
Hillcrest Patient
"The team at Hillcrest Dental is very professional and friendly, and I never have to wait for an appointment. I love my dentist, and my smile."
Hillcrest Patient
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